A superb claims result

How we achieve a superb claims result.

You’ll notice we work a little differently from other insurance brokers because we start our entire process with the claim in mind.
Our path to delivering a superb claims result starts with our “risky business” proven process, which puts in place the right risk and insurance programme for you with the right insurers.
That means a superb claim starts way before any loss occurs. Here’s our process:


1. We begin with great insurance protection we call our riskybusiness protection programme. This ensures we:

  • Intimately know you, your business, and your risks
  • Understand and work with your risk appetite
  • Design a specifically tailored yet pragmatic insurance programme to meet your exact needs.

    2. We’ll then select the underwriters and insurers who:

    • Understand your industry sector
    • Have a strong record for paying claims.

    3. We carefully check the delivered covers to make sure they match what was agreed.

    4. We monitor you and the business environment for any mid-term changes throughout the year.

    5. We undertake a full review at renewal to determine if your policy is still right for you

    What happens if you need to make a claim?

    Should a loss occur, we launch our “Superb Result” Claims Process—and this is where we really shine.

    It’s important you remember that we legally represent you, not the insurer. We’re your claims advocate, which means we’re always in your corner.

    We know claims, having handled many significant losses and thousands of smaller losses. We’ll quickly deploy our experienced claim technicians and skilled claim negotiators to hold insurers accountable when you need to make a claim.

    We’re constantly evolving our robust internal claims systems to match industry developments. As claims often come out of the blue, we continuously monitor our resources, so we’re ready to act on your behalf when you need us.

    You also get added peace of mind knowing our longstanding, robust relationships with insurers and claims personnel means we can initiate claims negotiations at a level unavailable to individual business owners and organisations, ensuring the best result possible.

    Navigate the complex insurance minefield efficiently.

    We’re in your corner and here to help. Get in touch today.