Put a skilled, strategic insurance advisor and claims advocate in your corner.

We provide excellent value risk and insurance solutions that deliver a superb claim result.

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DavelCorp delivers strategic, tailored risk and insurance solutions for businesses that are proud of what they’ve built and want protection that’s great value for money.

We give you:


    A comprehensive overview of your risk

    A strategic, well-designed response to reduce it


    And claims advocacy you can rely on

    Our proven process delivers superb claim results.

    We start earlier, with potential claim results in mind.

    We get to know your business inside out. Gathering crucial insights into your risk tolerance profile means we can put the right risk and insurance programme in place, with the right insurers, based on your exact needs.

    We thoroughly review.

    We know you and your business needs are constantly evolving. We don’t believe in ‘set and forget’ insurance—that’s why we check in at least annually to make sure you’re still completely covered. And that means you have no nasty surprises should a loss occur.

    We’re on to it!

    If a loss occurs, we’ll deploy our Client 1st Claims Process. We proactively advocate on your behalf to make sure the insurer delivers a fair result faster.

    About us

    DavelCorp delivers niche, targeted risk and insurance solutions that help your business thrive and grow.
    Our team of highly experienced, accredited brokers drill down to the issues and pressures, changes, and dangers facing YOUR business, so we can reduce your risk and deliver outstanding results.

    Why work with us?

    We know.

    We take the extra time to deeply understand your business and your needs, so that we can find the right solution for you.

    We own it.

    We own your risk problems and issues. In fact, we take them on as our own and make sure you get the very best result possible.

    We plan & execute.

    We’ll create a tailored plan for you and then execute it meticulously, regularly reviewing it to make sure it still works for your business.

    Navigate the complex insurance minefield efficiently.

    We’re in your corner and here to help. Get in touch today.