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Elena Lindfield Seager

Elena Lindfield Seager

Director, Principal, Administration, Accounts

Qualifications: Dip Fin Serv (ins Brok) ANZIIF (Snr Assoc)

Elena loves the camaraderie in the office, seeing DavelCorp as one big family. Working in accounts, you probably won’t deal with her directly, but she’s responsible for reconciling the Trust Account, paying insurers, and paying client refunds. And that means she’s relentlessly thorough and focused on making sure payments are made in time so that every policy is in place in the event of a claim.

Elena runs up to 5km every Saturday and says she’ll do so until her hips tell her to stop. She also works in the community when she’s not in the office, takes time out with her close-knit, supportive family, and visits her elderly mum. She’s been married to David for 44 years now and boasts 3 kids, 9 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren—and she still finds time to look after her DavelCorp family!